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We Bring the Farm to the Kitchen

Cooks Company is a family run and family owned wholesale produce distribution company delivering to chefs, restaurants and hotels in the Bay Area.

Who We Are

Farm Fresh

At Cooks Company we connect local growers and farms with many of the Bay Area’s and Napa Valley’s most popular restaurants and bars. Cooks is a chef’s ally in the fields curating the best tasting local and seasonal produce. Every chef can’t be in every farm or farmer’s market everyday – but we are. 

Our Mission

More than Produce

Cooks is more than just a produce company and restaurants are more than just places to eat. As a vital part of the food system Cooks provides an important link to the land, the local growers and farms.


Since 1985

The owners of Cooks started out in the restaurant business in San Francisco in the 80s and couldn’t find good tasting produce. They started visiting family farms and establishing relationships to be able to source locally grown and great tasting ingredients. Cooks has long standing relationships with family farms that go back decades and continues to curate from these farmers what they grow best. Cooks has been fortunate to have been part of the evolution of the Farm to Table movement in Northern California.


Supporting Farmers

Cooks supports local farmers to provide year-round access to incredible ingredients. When farmers succeed, so do we.


Get in Touch

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